The new era of “Intelligent Industry” is underway, powered by tech-driven convergence of the physical and virtual worlds

Leading figures from industry and technology highlight how growing convergence of products, software, and services hold the key to the next big transformation opportunity for organizations, in the latest edition of Sky Infocom Creation quarterly magazine.


According to “Intelligent Industry is about fostering synergies between the digital and engineering worlds to help companies build intelligent products, operations, and services, at scale. Intelligent Industry is the next generation of digital transformation and the range of contributions in our new publication is evidence that it is creating an ocean of opportunity and unleashing innovation, for crafting a profitable and sustainable path forward.”

Featuring a range of perspectives from an array of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and academics, the latest edition of the publication, explores how development in three pivotal areas – software, connectivity, and semiconductors – is reconfiguring traditional industries.

The publication puts a spotlight on how technologies such as 5G  and edge are transforming operations and enabling the emergence of connected products. They are enabling organizations to realize a variety of use cases that were previously unfeasible, including video-based quality inspection, remote operations, automatic guided vehicles and other autonomous robots. Connected products and platforms are allowing organizations to propose a new set of data-driven services, thereby transforming the customer experience, as well as business and operating models; while digital twins are bridging the gap between virtual systems and the physical world via real-time models that can be continually updated and optimized.

In addition, software is driving paradigm shifts for industries such as automotive where products are no longer standalone pieces of hardware, but consist of a complex set of software layers. A large part of the value in the products now lies in the services embedded within or associated with the product, often bringing together contributions from various industries.



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