Business Operations

Business Operations

Transform your finance operations

Sky Infocom Creation Frictionless Finance offer delivers next-generation, AI-augmented order-to-cash (O2C), purchase-to-pay (P2P), record-to-analyze (R2A), and analytics, transforming your finance function into one that drives frictionless, enterprise-level outcomes, including enhanced efficiency and improved working capital.

Our solution leverages Sky Infocom Creation renowned Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) platform that underpins next-generation AI-enabled solutions, an AI-augmented workforce, AI-driven operating models, and a partnership philosophy to drive frictionless processing, all of which help shape the future of your organization’s finance operations.


Retain and engage your employees

Raise the value of your HR function by enhancing your employee experience and performance

Your organization could benefit from an integrated HRO services platform that aligns your business strategy across multiple HR towers, enabling you to build a talent pool that is happy, driven, and intent on achieving your business goals.

Sky Infocom Creation Digital Employee Operations puts your people at the center of your HR value proposition. By moving away from a process-centric approach to one that deploys digital platforms, DEO helps you deliver a frictionless experience for your employees, transforming the way you address your talent and workforce challenges:

  • An enhanced, frictionless employee experience
  • New and improved ways of working for HR
  • Increased productivity and profit
  • Improved digital literacy
  • Increased adoption of personalized learning
  • Enhanced re-skilling of the organization.

Optimize your supply chain and vendor performance

Create a real-time operating and decision-making environment through automating your systems

Your business can benefit from a digital supply chain solution that increases your competitive advantage by strengthening your business drivers and focusing on your end customers.

Sky Infocom Creation Digital Supply Chain offering puts your customers at the heart of our solution and opens up your channels to new innovative business models – resulting in increased revenue, profitability, working capital and customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Supply Chain solution comprises a number of supply chain operations, including:

  • Demand Planning
  • Order Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Unlock value through intelligent automation

Build a digitally augmented workforce at scale through leveraging intelligent automation

Intelligent automation powered by the “golden triangle” of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart analytics – combined and aligned with a deep understanding of processes and value creation – is paramount for any organization wishing to reach the goal of a single, aligned office.

Leveraging a unique and differentiating approach that encompasses an end-to-end perspective from ideation to production, Intelligent Process Automation enables you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, and pursue capability growth and innovation that benefits from our world-class capability, and vertical and horizontal process experience.


Reimagine your core insurance processes

End-to-end insurance services that enable growth, digital customer experience, and increased efficiency

Sky Infocom Creation  Digital Insurance Operations portfolio of services provides end-to-end, customer-centric insurance offerings that transform your core insurance processes, and support functions such as finance, HR, and procurement, reducing your cost and boosting customer satisfaction.


Manage your contracts to capture lost revenue

End-to-end management across the entire contract lifecycle

Ensuring effective contract management
For most companies, contracts form the basis of their entire business. However, they are growing more and more complex, and take huge amounts of time, resources and money to create.

Yet, many organizations struggle to develop an effective contract management vision as well as the resources to prevent revenue leakage and cost overrun – all while protecting their business and extracting maximum value from every agreement throughout their contract landscape.

Manage your risk and compliance effectively

Enhance your reputation and ensure compliance through real-time monitoring and analysis

The challenge of a complex GRC process

An effective GRC regime is essential in today’s business world, but can be challenging to implement. GRC processes operate in silos at many companies, creating a multiplicity of frameworks and systems.

This can result in:

  • Poor understanding of financial, operational, IT, regulatory, and fraud risks.
  • Ineffective risk minimization.
  • Exposure to fines, penalties and litigation.
  • High GRC costs.
  • Possibility of stakeholder backlash.
  • Weak financial statements.